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The Hammadown (Chapter 4)

By Poker Story 6 Comments

This fine edition of The Hammadown is lovingly presented to the public on the anniversary of the “drop-down day” of The Hammadown’s original editor-in-spleef, Weeeyum Stephenson. It contains stories of wrong dealings, joke tellings, pizza deliverings, antics havings and an ending so shocking you’ll have to read it to believe it.
Spoiler Alert: It’s actually a pretty standard ending…

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The Hammadown (Chapter 3)

By Poker Story 3 Comments

In this “Weee-morial” chapter of the Hammadown we acknowledge the demise and celebrate the life of our forever tablemate, sweat out bad beats, speed-eat delicious cookies, laugh at many funny spoken words, and welcome a visitor from outside our ultra-exclusive circle jerk…

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March 2018

By Monologue No Comments

When I submitted to The Late Show, 15 out of 18 of their writers were white males. Hell, I’m not even sure (ME)TWO of their writers were women, let alone women of color. So there was a pretty good chance they’d probably go in a different direction, but I sure had fun writing the jokes anyway.
What are you waiting for?!

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